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Patient Portal

Welcome to the Illinois Kidney Disease and Hypertension Center Patient Portal! From here, you can review your medical record, get test results and more.

Login to the Patient Portal HERE

Patient Portal User Guide

To get started using the Patient Portal, simply follow these steps:

  • Enter your Illinois Kidney Disease and Hypertension Center username and temporary password.
  • Reset your temporary password as requested and choose a secret question for security purposes.
  • Use the link above or click the link in the drop-down menu at the top of the page to go directly to the Patient Portal after your first visit.

How to Navigate

Use the tabs at the top of the page to access the following information:

  • Patient Demographics
  • Upcoming and Past Appointments
  • Allergy List
  • Medication List
  • Problem List
  • Immunization List
  • Procedures
  • Vital Signs Results
  • Laboratory Results

How to Download Clinical Information

  • Clinical Summary of Your Most Recent Office Visit: Click “Download Latest Clinical Summary Document,” located at the bottom of the Patient Portal page, to get information on your most recent visit. This information includes current lists of allergies and medications, along with updated clinical information from your medical record.
  • Summary of Your Medical Record: Click “Download Current Continuity of Care Document,” located at the bottom of the Patient Portal, to get a summary of your medical record. This contains information on your full medical history, including medications, lab results and past and current medical problems.

Contact Us Using Patient Portal

You can send a message directly to your physician, nurse or any department at RenalCare by sending a message through patient portal. You will receive a response within 48 hours. Please do not use the patient portal to communicate emergent problems.