One in nine adults has chronic kidney disease and another 20 million are at increased risk.


Unequaled in Hypertension and Kidney Disease Treatment in  Central Illinois

The highly experienced nephrology team at Illinois Kidney Disease & Hypertension Center (IKHDC) is dedicated to offering the most complete nephrology care and surgical expertise available in Central Illinois. Under the umbrella of IKHDC, RenalCare Associates, S.C. partners with primary care physicians, endocrinologists and cardiovascular specialists to help manage difficult-to-control hypertension and kidney disease, as well as treat other illnesses such as electrolyte disorders. It's also our privilege to provide consultations whenever our expertise is warranted, coordinating efforts with other specialists as needed for seamless medical care.

For additional information or referrals, call 676-8123. Download our resume for more details on our expertise.

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News and Notes

  • What’s Good for the Heart is Good for the Kidneys. That’s the message being touted by the National Kidney Foundation. In fact, a 23-year diet study involving 15,000 middle-aged men and women proves it. Read more… 

  • New Study Shows Food Commercials Influence Kids’ Food Choices and Tastes. With rising rates of childhood obesity, type 2 diabetes and more, today’s parents are more concerned than ever about their children eating properly. Now, new research draws a connection between children’s food choices and brain activity after viewing food commercials. Read more…

  • Magnesium May Help Reduce Blood Pressure. According to new research by the American Heart Association, people who received 368 mg of magnesium per day for about three months showed an overall reduction in blood pressure. Learn more…


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